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Hi, I'm Kalin Kelly. 


With the unique background of having worked in both the technology and real estate sector I know from experience the hard work it takes to build an idea, the talented people that idea needs to grow and that "space available" signs don't advertise an important message.

Frequently Asked Questions


From hunting for a space to negotiating our lease and helping manage an 18 month construction timeline, Kalin exceeded expectations.
— Jonathan Rowe, Madrone Studios
She’s not only on top of real estate trends in the city but also plugged into the startup scene which helps her discover office space before it’s listed.
— Max Gutman, AdsNative
It’s always a pleasure to work with Kalin. We worked with her while looking for office space and she not only took us on office tours, but also connected us with industry leaders to help our business succeed.
— David Phillips, Hackbright Academy
Kalin helped our firm find office space in San Francisco. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market in San Francisco and really understands what her clients are looking for.
— Marlee Davis, Bryn Neil International
She knows her stuff cold, is a pleasure to work with and what really stands out for me was her willingness to represent my company’s interests ahead of all else, she’s awesome.
— Andy Ruben, Yerdle
Kalin has an extraordinary knack for establishing and cultivating professional relationships. With her exceptional organizational skills, Kalin never once missed a follow-up and went the extra mile to help our company look for new office space.”
— Zach Cole, Attention Span Media

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